14 December 2010

Answering question from it!!

heyya it's me trying to answer questions from about -of course- what else if it's not Yoo Ah In..

it's been fun answering them :))


1. Are you a Proud ICOMYM(Inappropiate.Crush On a Much Younger Man) member or LSAYAFG member (Lucky Same Age/Younger Age Fan Girl)?

i am a Proud ICOMYM member :))

im a year older than YAI...

2. What is the meaning behind your Cyber/User name? anything special behind the name? Care to share?

that's my real nickname :D

3. If YOO AH IN is a native/local dish, what would he be? And Why?

That would be ‘grilled meatballs’, it is a spicy –spicy, I mean it- delicious food from Malang, Indonesia. Don’t care how spicy it is that it would hurt my gastritis I wont give a damn, since I like it so much.. and so does with YAI, no matter how hard or how many hours he got me to decode his words I wont care, otherwise, I enjoy it so much..

4. If you’re working what work related term that reminds you of YOO AH IN, if you’re a student, what subject remind you of him? Why?

The 1st subject that flash into my mind once I finished read this question is Philosophy…I love this subject, his deep thoughts has drown me into the philosophical world and made me try my best to understand his thoughts.. love it  (while I got nothing in my mind when it comes to work :P)

5. If you’re given a chance to meet our YOO AH IN (I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it!) and given a chance to ask just ONE QUESTION, what would it be?

How do you see yourself as a part of the universe?

6. What is the crazies’ thing you have done for our YOO AH IN/Fandom?

Still live my daily life as usual, buat I just can’t stop myself from browsing, goggling, blogging in my work-hours only to get infos, photos, everything about this man

7. What’s your YOO AH IN favorite line/Quote/Interview?

‘’i would like to be the most rustic person, to the limits of my emotion’’

8. Lastly, what is YOO AH IN to you?

He’s totally a stranger that could bring back the-old-version-of-me which I loved most and which I have lost for a while. He was nothing 2 days ago, even when I watched him as Geul Oh, physical attraction only. But when I read his tweets, he captured my attention in only 4 sentences. He even, somehow, could bring me back to the philosophy world where I used to live. Even though maybe he’s not being so philosophically, but it did to me.

Woohoo...Finally...Fiuh..Hard enough :D


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