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This page dedicated to the 'Me'. The one who owns this small space. It's Me! :)

I created this space to the random side of me :D

I called random since i am interested in a lot of things such as music, drama, photography, beautiful people, and so on. This space contained most about K things (K-Drama, K-Pop, and everything related to the K world. K stands for Korean, for you who wonders :P).

I love watching K-Drama and ended up by falling in love with the actor (i'm sorry i just can't help it :P). And after that i will surf around the net world to find everything about that beautiful person and finally post something about him here in my space.

I do love this space.

Sometimes my friend who finally find this space of mine would say things like 'Oh my, is it really yours??' or 'Ckckck K-freak are you?'. Well, now you know, that's what i thought after hearing those comments.

Hope you will enjoy this space as much as i am.

Thank you for visiting my site and never hesitate to leave you footprints (comment or anything), 'coz i would love to see it :)

So, Enjoy!! :D

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