Yoo Ah In's March Photos

Heyya guys, been a veeerrryyy long time since my last post..wekekeke got busy with my daily life, with all of the bussiness attached to it...Well, well, that's life.. :D

So, here are not Yoo Ah In's photos which were taken on March actually, but these are photos of the our cutie sweetie Ah In in my collection.. I forgot when and where I found them, but I'm pretty sure most of them are from our lovely site Yooahinhaven.. :))

So, ENJOY..!!

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Hyun Bin........!!!!!!!!!

Whew..Finally i write about him..I have never attracted on him before, to be honest, but after i watched Secret Garden, i finally do. Then, i tried to browse all about him, and realize how gorgeus, how manly, and how cool he is. And this is for sure which makes me interested in him more.

Here are some photos of him from some magazine photoshots..Omoo i LOVE that dimple. Take a deep look of how 'man' is he *nosebleeding*

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Yoo Ah In's Smoke-Styles *theCoolest*

Heyya guys, here are the compilations photos of our Mastersik in smoke-pose. I've collected it from many sources such as Yooahinhaven, Daum, Ameblo, Yell-O, etc. It's so happy to find that there are a lot of people who love our Mastersik, just like I do... :))

So, here are the photos..ENJOY!!

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