12 December 2010

D'u know that Yoochun is...

This is something about Mickey Yoochun that I've just discovered....
  • Yoochun can use his left hand as good as his right hand (Ambidextrous).
  • Yoochun had many girlfriends. MANY.
  • Yoochun most scare to watch horror movie.
  • Yoochun stopped his study to became a singer, he studied in Virginia and stopped to take a singing-training in Korea.
  • Yoochun dont wanna get married.
  • Yoochun and his soulmate Jaejoong think ''Your stuff is mine, Mine is yours''.
  • Yoochun's nickname is Mickey Mouse
  • Yoochun has Mickey Mouse underwear.
  • Yoochun's hat collection has reached 200 pieces.
  • Yoochun like to wear a V-neck T-Shirt coz he loves his sexy shoulder-bone.
  • Yoochun and Junsu have couple-ring (Junsu gave Yoochun a BVLGARI ring which costs 42,4 million rupiah, while Junsu's costs 32,7 million rupiah), but the most popular couple stuff they have is a twin necklace that they wear in Step By Step Music Video.

 *still wondering bout the 'dont wanna get married line',why oh why?*


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