11 March 2012

Kim Soo Hyun & Kim Yuna for Prospecs

[Captions - Kim Yuna: Soo Hyun oppa, is your White Day present ready? Kim Soo Hyun: Of course~ This White Day, I will melt all the girls' hearts with my giant candy!]
[KYN: Oppa! Actually...girls don't like getting candy as a present. KSH: Really? Then instead of candy, what do they exactly like?']
[KYN: There's something else that girls want as a present! Try giving them W Cool Pink shoes. KSH: Oh, that doesn't look bad. The color and design is great, great!]
[KYN: Your girlfriend can wear the W Cool Pink, and you can wear the W Power. The two of you could have a fun, romantic White Day and W Time. KSH: Romantic W Time?]
[KYN: Even on White Day... KSH: If you want something light, it's W Time!]

Source : soompi (photos & caption)


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