02 December 2010

Structural Insulated Panels to answer Energy Issues

As we all know that Energy is a very expensive thing nowadays and ahead. That's why we all try to find ways to reduce the use of our energy, not only in big industries but also in our daily lives. In Architecture, we try to solve these Energy issues by choosing the right materials. One of the material that -hopefully- can help us to answer this problem is SIPs, which stands for Structural Insulated Panels.


SIPs are one of the building products of the future. SIPs are framing materials made by sandwiching expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam) insulation between two pieces of engineered wood (OSB) that are in turn made of small pieces of wood compressed together.

SIPs are energy efficient because they have little wood that spans from the inside of the structure to the outside, a feature known as thermal bridging. Without this unwanted transfer of heat through the wall, SIPs create a structure that is better insulated and therefor more affordable to heat and cool than conventional framing.

Well, i guess this is a great material to be chosen to save & solve our Energy issues..

For more info, just hit the link, guys SIPs


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