24 May 2011

Bad Guy a.ka. Nappeun Namja

Heyya guys, i am watching this great drama (not finish yet) but i just found out that it has a sad ending. So, before i get too sad and can not make a post about it, i decided to make this post right now! Hiks.. It would be soooo sad knowing that our Shin Gun Wook won't be able to be together with Moon Jae Shin in the end. And it would be more sad that she doesn't even know that Shin Gun Wook is killed.. T_T

I don't think i can even watch the last episode....... :(

So, here are some pictures from this drama..ENJOY!!

Kim Nam Gil as Shim Gun Wook , Han Ga In as Moon Jae In

Kim Jae Wook as Hong Tae Song, Oh Yun Soo as Hong Tae Ra, Jung So Min as Hong Mo Ne
Jeun Min Seo as So Dam. Shim Eun Kyung as Moon Won Ni

The 'Bad Guy' Shim Gun Wook

Beautiful, innocent, and smart Moon Jae In

Shim Gun Wook & Moon Jae In 'the lovely couple'

Shim Gun Wook & Hong Mo Ne 'the 1st fake relationship'

Shim Gun Wook & Hong Tae Ra 'the 2nd fake relationship'

Moon Jae In and Hong Tae Song 'the 3rd fake relationship'

Hong Tae Song, the real one and the fake one

They even have their character fabricated in a doll form



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