20 December 2010

Yoo Ah In 'The LoneLover'

Yoo Ah In..

Hemm everytime this name flashes on my thought the words 'alone' suddenly flies into my mind. The word doesn't pop up with no reason, since it's been about 2 weeks since i'm googling, blogging, searching almost everything about him, til i follow his twitter @seeksik..

I finally see him as a Lonelover. Why Lonelover?

We all know (refer to YAI lover), from his tweets & cyworld, mostly, that he's a deep thinker. He thinks about life, soul, lives around him, social issues, and so on. He thinks & he speaks.

Why didnt i mention him as a Thinker which absolutely would sounds cooler? I see Thinker as his second phase. Think is his Goal (2nd Phase). Thoughts as the Result (3rd Phase). Speak as the Implementation (4th Phase)..But, where's the 1st Phase? This question is exactly where the Lonelover crawled.

He needs to be a Lonelover, he needs to be alone to be him, to be who he really is. It comes by nature, i guess. So, that's why i wrote that Alone as his 1st Phase..

But from what i've seen, he's not such an anti-social person. He still loves to socialize with his friends, hang out with them, laugh with them, drinking, clubbing, and do other things needed to live his social life.

I found a picture which fits perfectly with his image in my brain.. Love it :))

Full-of-thoughts kinda expression

But, it's not that i am justifying him as a person. It's not that i'll lock his image that way. I am just trying analyse him, i am trying to figure him out in my way of thinking. And so that i write my thoughts down on my blog, basically, i just wanna share this with other YAI Lovers..  :D

Ok, so Ah In ssi, if you read this and feel like 'this writer is soo wrong about me', correct me please :))


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