29 December 2010

Do i need any plan for New Year??

Been distracting with question about what i'll be doing on New Year's Eve..yes NEW YEAR..6 days ahead and i dont even have any plan in my head..*sigh*

Is it maybe i am not really a New Year's people? I mean, i usually not celebrate the New Years thing..Why? Well, i have this thought about that day, there'll always be a massive traffic jam all around this sin city we called Jakarta. So, why would i waste my time celebrating this new year's eve in those boring traffic jam anyway?? Or should i celebrate it on road while enjoying the traffic jam? Oh please, i won't choose it of course..That's why i always watch the year changes by watching movies at home with snacks, potatoes, popcorn, some friends maybe everywhere..that's more interesting i guess :))

Okay, so, why should i do then? #looking stupidly at the ceiling..
Should i need one? =,=


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