16 December 2010

Memories with Karolina by Sore

Sore - Karolina

Making love to you is like a dream to me
Having you beside me is a fantasy
I've been reaching for a star, trying to catch that morning sun...
I long for you, my lady in the night...
Sight by sight, i see you walk into my life
Would I ever be beside you, please my love
Stormy wind blows with the night
Hope I'll never lose the sight...
I love you, my lady in the night...
I'll lead you to my life, through the finest hour of my life.
You my light, guiding me, through the darkest of my life.
I'll never feel so ever, feel so high.. Through the summer sunshine of our love...

Sore - An Indonesian Jazz Band

There are memories i've made with this song with someone in situation i'd love to go back but i couldn't *sigh*

Such a bittersweet feeling suddenly grows in the center of my body everytime i hear this song, don't really like it though.. i feel like i'd rather stop that music player, but when i hear the rhyme, i suddenly paralyzed and finally just go on listen to the song.. Great song ever have made me feel like this.

Just hit the link to listen to this great jazzy song :)) sore - karolina


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