20 May 2011

Love 119 (K Will Feat.Mc Mong) vs Good Day (IU)

Heyya guys, just wanna share this video i like soo much. These are K Will Feat. Mc Mong - Love 119 and IU - Good day.

Enjoy!! :D

K Will Feat. Mc Mong - Love 119

Love the lyrics :
Gomawuh nal saranghe jwosuh (Thank you, for loving me)
Gomawun nal ootgeh hehjwosuh (Thank you for making me laugh)

IU - Good day

Ahahaha... I love it when the bird says 'annyeong, oppa'...LOL, it's so funny!

Love you, birddie :D

Hope you enjoy them as I am, guys :D


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